Stainless Steel Installation

Simple Yet Elegant Stainless Cable Railing System With Stainless Side Mounted Posts and 1/8" Stainless Cable

This is a job installed by the homeowner's contractor. Note the simplicity of the post attachment and the resulting visual appearance of a symmetrical stainless post package accented with the wooden top rail. The top rail outlines the railing and the cable infill to match the new look in railings. Cable was a natural choice for this project.

This is our stainless railing package using large, 2 x 2 sanded and buffed square stainless tubing that has proven to stand up to the rigors of the loading imposed on a system by the cable tension. As you can see this system has several 90 deg. turns and we chose to stop on the one inside corner. If you look closely you can see that the threaded studs used on the end of the cable had not been trimmed yet when these photos were taken.

We decided to stop and start the cable on the inside corner due to number of corners on the system and did the entire deck with two runs of 10 cables stopping only at this one corner. Careful planning of post placement and cable usage can save money with cable since most of the cable cost is with the end fittings. Our competitors often try to stop and start cable at each corner and in this case would have used 100 end fittings. We used only 40 and feel strongly that the customer ends up with a much cleaner looking system which is the idea in the first place.

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