A Beautiful Application of Cable Around a Pool

This is a nice example of what a little creativity from the deck contractor will do for your deck if using cable. Note the connections done in the stone wall. This was a cinder block wall filled with concrete and stone added to the face. The contractor drilled into the center of the wall and used epoxy to secure the anchor bolts with an eye nut on the exterior for the cable attachment. The cable end used was a "Yoke" or "Deck Toggle Jaw" (if you are thinking marine applications) resulting in a clean end result. The balance of project used the more typical "Threaded Studs" and "Dome Ends". This project is shown in some trade publications. The cable nicely accents the quality woodwork on the deck and the pool. The end result is a simple elegance that the home owners can enjoy for a long time.

Note the use of our stainless spreaders between the structural 4 x 4 posts. They are used both to keep the cable in position between the posts and to open up the view and add a very nice accent to the job as seen in a lot of to the photos. Use of the "Eye Nut" was tested in our facility and proved to be fine for this application.

Note the stairs below before and after cable. See how the bottom post was set away from the last riser so the cable could "flow" on through coming out at the same height above the landing walking surface as on the main deck walking surface. In this case the cable was started and stopped at the 90 degree corner and then went on down the stairs.

If you have a similar application for use of the cable and stainless "Spreaders" between the structural wooden posts please contact us.

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